About Us

Latino Strategies is a full-service strategy, design, communications, and technology agency with a big beating heart. We bring an unrivaled passion and expertise to each project and we treat each client like they are our first.

We are unmatched specialists at championing Latino causes. We know how to craft relevant, propulsive messaging that speaks to both the American spirit and the Latino soul. We galvanize Latinos to act, inspire them to speak out, and motivate them to lead the conversation.

Latino Strategies is an offshoot of Plus Three, a tech firm with a mission to use web-based technology to promote social change in America. Latino Strategies manages relationships with over 1,000,000 Latinos daily, compelling them to participate, to take action.

We led the technology and media efforts for the American Latino Museum, the Latino Inaugural Gala 2021: An American Tribute to Democracy, LULAC, the Adelante Movement, and hundreds of other campaigns focused on the Latino community.

We help the giants and the little guys. We do it all.