We don’t fit the mold. The Hispanic consumer is young, vibrant, and dynamic. We are dual-language, multicultural, and ever changing.

We’re not all the same. We are Chicano, Puerto Rican, Colombian, Spaniard, Mexican, Salvadoran, Cuban, Dominican, Guatemalan and everything in between.  And that’s a beautiful thing.

We’re nuanced. Latinos are not all cut from the same cloth – politically, culturally, even our faith – we have wide and diverse experiences.

We are your market. Our team understands Latino consumption and media behaviors, because we leave and breathe it every day.  Our work is even more effective because we have a keen sensitivity and understanding of the values, motivations, aspirations and lifestyles of our target, because we are the target.

Our History

Our story began 15 years ago as Plus Three, a tech firm based in Miami with a mission to use web-based technology to promote social change in America.

We built the best online marketing platform available in its class and thrived by providing our clients fully integrated web-based tools for managing their websites, member data, email marketing, online fundraising, and special events.

As Plus Three, we helped our nonprofits raise over $400 million dollars and managed over six million member records. We led the technology and social media efforts for the American Latino Museum and launched President Obama’s first Latino Inaugural Ball, raising a record $625,000 dollars online in just 45 days.

Since the tools we built could only be as effective as the marketing strategy behind them, our services quickly grew to include digital strategy and targeted media.

We launched Latino Strategies in 2017 to provide insightful strategy, compelling creative, and well-deployed technology to our clients. Our seasoned team of creative professionals are experts in their field and bring decades of success with the most reputable nonprofits, tech giants, and major brands in the industry.