Avi Tuschman


Avi Tuschman is the Founder and CEO of Pinpoint Predictive, a San Francisco-based tech company that has pioneered psychometric advertising. Pinpoint’s Data Analytics Engine uses machine learning to transform surface-level behavioral data into individual-level models of personality traits that are strongly rooted in the human constitution, and which are the most predictive data on consumer preference known to science. Pinpoint provides the industry’s only custom psychometric audiences that optimize around ads in a truly data-driven way.

Before founding Pinpoint, Dr. Tuschman’s research focused on heritable personality traits. His 2013 book on the science of human personality has been praised by top science writers and political scientists, covered in twenty-two countries, and will next be translated into a Chinese-language edition.

Previously, Tuschman advised 18 Latin American heads of state on shaping public opinion in the region and in Washington, D.C. He has undergraduate and doctoral degrees in Anthropological Sciences from Stanford University.

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