America Leon


America A. Leon was born in Havana, Cuba, and came to the United States in 1967.

She graduated from Baldor Academy in Havana, and continued her studies at Havana University, majoring in Accounting and Commercial Studies.

America worked for 11 years at Chase Manhattan Bank on Wall Street.  She continued her work in in the banking industry working as a financial officer at Intercontinental Bank in Miami.

In 1989, American changed careers and became an interpreter and translator in the Miami-Dade County judicial system. As an officer of the court, she had the privilege of working directly with judges, attorneys, defendants, witnesses, etc., in the difficult art of interpreting and translating legal proceedings.  America worked on domestic violence cases, criminal courts sessions, and civil cases among others. Her job also entailed visiting the State Attorney’s Office to conduct depositions in a wide variety of cases.  One of the most interesting aspects of the job was visiting the county jails and aiding inmates who did not speak English. As a result, she developed a specialized  understanding of different aspects of the law

After twelve years of working in the Miami-Dade County judicial system, America semi-retired to care for her mother. She then started her own translation practice. She continued to be called to participate in depositions at the State Attorney’s office and for corporate clients.

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